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2019 CTUG Fall Conference

Vendor / Exhibitor Planning Guide

On-line registration is now closed.

For late registration and booth availability information please fill out our contact form under the subject 'Fall Conference'.

Registration enables a vendor to obtain a booth space on the exhibition floor and also provides 2 conference passes. Additional conference passes, as well as education day passes, can also be purchased by vendors at the regular attendee prices.

Registration also allows a vendor the opportunity to request one or more of the following optional features:

  • a Vendor Track session
  • a Sponsorship event

Registration space is limited to the first 16 vendors and fills up quickly. Please ensure to register promptly once registration opens.

Vendor Tracks

There are a total of 9 Vendor Tracks session slots available: all 9 of the sessions will be in the afternoon. The vendors are selected by a 'weighted' draw done by the CTUG Board.

In order to ensure fair and equitable access across the conference years, preferential status is now given to vendors that applied for a session slot last year but, due to lack of availability, were not able to obtain one. This status is still constrained by the vendor's date and time of registration and so it is always recommended to register as soon as possible once Conference Registration opens.

Time slots for Vendor Tracks will be assigned to vendors based on the best logical placement according to the nature of their indicated topic. Ideally, competing vendors will not be assigned Track sessions at the same time. CTUG cannot guarantee that this will not occur but will make every effort to assign sessions times that are best suited for the CTUG audience.

Exhibition Equipment

Computer Systems

Each vendor is advised to bring their own computer equipment. CTUG will provide a projector if presenting a Vendor Track session.

Although 120V/60Hz power will be available at each vendor booth, it is advisable to bring your own power bar/extension cord.

Internet Connection

The HP Conference facility has guest WIFI access that will be available for conference attendees and vendors. This WIFI access should be sufficient to support Vendor presentations and demos. Vendors may also use their own portable wireless hotspots if desired.

Vendor Sponsorship

Vendor Sponsorship opportunities are assigned by CTUG to requesting vendors on a first come / first serve basis as determined by the vendor's registration time.

Sponsorship opportunities will be offered for the following events:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning Break
  • Lunch (Co-Sponsor 1)
  • Lunch (Co-Sponsor 2)
  • Mid-Afternoon Break
  • Beverages at Evening Reception

Vendors qualifying for a Sponsorship event will need to promptly submit payment to secure their Sponsorship reservation, failure to do so will cause loss of the reservation.

Attendee Prize Draw

This conference-building event has enjoyed great success in the past conferences and is a feature again of the CTUG Conference.

Vendors are encouraged to participate in this no-charge conference event. Vendors need only donate a gift of their choice to CTUG, to be awarded by the vendor at close of the Conference; the vendor will draw from a hat one attendee's name.

Vendor Booth

A 6'x 6' space will be provided for each vendor to set up their booth. A skirted 2'x 5' table and 2 chairs will be provided. The exhibition floor is strategically located with the intent to maximize accessibility to attendees. Power outlets are limited and vendors are advised to bring their own power bars and extension cords.

Vendors may set up their booth starting at 8:00 AM on the day of the conference. Vendors are advised to bring whatever is required to erect their booth, i.e. material to be displayed for which a table alone is inadequate. Vendors are not permitted to attach any posters/signs/banners/etc. to the building in any way (walls, pillars, etc.).

Procedure for booth location placement:

Booth location will be assigned by the CTUG board as deemed appropriate for the venue. This year’s venue is once again at Hewlett–Packard Canada Headquarters 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, Ontario.

Every effort will be made to ensure that booth locations will be assigned fairly in the North Atrium.


Please fill out our contact form under the subject 'Fall Conference'.

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