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2016 CTUG Fall Conference Overview

CTUG's theme for 2016 was "Virtualized NonStop"

Wednesday October 19, 2016 (Conference)
Thursday October 20, 2016 (Education Session)
Location: Hewlett–Packard Canada Head Quarters, 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, Ontario

Sessions & Speakers

Day 1 – CTUG Conference Presentations

Welcome Address

Dave Harper, CTUG President

Opening Remarks

Charlie Atkinson, Managing Director, HPE Canada

HP NonStop WW Strategy Update

Andrew Bergholz, Senior Director of Development, HPE NonStop

Andrew is the Senior Director of Development of HPE NonStop and is responsible for defining the NonStop vision and developing core technologies. He provides overall leadership and direction for strategy, architecture, development, quality assurance, and program management for the NonStop Business Unit. Andrew has served in many different capacities in HPE NonStop for almost 20 years, including architect for Entry Class Versatile I/O (VIO) and senior management roles responsible for Program Management, Customer Engagement, and Software Development. Andrew holds an M.B.A from the University of Phoenix and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

KEYNOTE SESSION The virtual world is hard to see – but vNonStop finds its way!

Following four decades of being a complete product offering from hardware through OS and middleware, NonStop is taking steps to cut the ties that constrained it to just one hardware offering. The freedom to run virtually on any vendors commercial off-the-shelf hardware completes a journey into being a pure software play, a circumstance first broached at the 2015 NonStop Technical Boot Camp.

In going down this path, it opens the door for NonStop penetrating three distinct markets – those who need it all from HPE, those who want to run it from within a private cloud as well as ultimately, those who see that value in running NonStop from within a public cloud. Pioneering how much virtualization to embrace will be HPE’s own IT department where initial validation testing has commenced.

In this presentation, the steps being taken down this path will be described and with each milestone that is passed, the value / risk tradeoff will be discussed.

Richard Buckle, Pyalla Technologies, LLC

Richard Buckle is the founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. He has enjoyed a long association with the Information Technology (IT) industry as a user, vendor, and more recently, as an industry commentator, thought leader, columnist and blogger. Well known to the user communities of HP and IBM, Richard served on the board of the HP user group, ITUG (2000-2006), as its Chairman (2004-2005), and as the Director of Marketing on the board of the IBM user group, SHARE, (2007-2008).

Richard has over 25 years of experience with HP’s NonStop platform, including eight years working at Tandem Computers followed by just as many years at ACI Worldwide and GoldenGate Software. Richard began his career working with IBM mainframes before joining the Plug-Compatible Mainframe (PCM) project at Nixdorf Computers.

Guest Session NonStop and Modern Use Cases

NonStop technology is in transition to more open, collaborative, and specialized enterprise value. Modern NonStop systems are designed to exploit existing network, security, and application designs. Current examples and possible new uses for NonStop have emerged in the past few years with the introduction of cloud, microservices, and virtualization. Examples of these transitions will be discussed; and future design considerations will be introduced during this session

Keith Moore, Solutions Architect, HPE

Day 2 – CTUG Education Session

Introduction to vNonstop and NonStop Environment Updates

Instructor:Keith Moore, Solutions Architect, HPE


Topic Key Points
Current NonStop Servers
  • Platform and lifecycle

  • Software plans

  • General performance info

New Features
  • O/S and Communications

  • Software Development

  • Middleware

  • Database

  • Security

Near-term Plans
  • vNSK Update

  • NSADI (Yuma Hybrid) update


Security Details
  • Voltage Update

  • Other

Software Development Environment
  • Eclipse

  • Jenkins

  • Compiler news/update


  • Microservices on NonStop

  • Node.js ECMAScript

SQL/MX Update
High-speed, key-store database
Yuma in the real world
  • Details on how/when to use NSADI (Yuma hybrid)

Vendor Tracks

Sessions 1:00 – 1:45

Pacific Room

XYPRO Technology

XYGATE SecurityOne: the Evolution of NonStop Security Intelligence

Vendor: XYPRO Technology

Proactive control and visibility into your NonStop infrastructure is the ideal way to protect your company’s assets and reduce the risk of loss through insider threats, misuse, non-compliance and security breaches. The IDEAL is now becoming a REALITY. Join XYPRO as we discuss the next generation of NonStop security solutions designed to provide you with a comprehensive, single pane of glass approach to control and to contextualize NonStop security through intelligence, policy management, data protection and security analytics.

Speaker:Steve Tcherchian - Chief Information Security Officer/XS1 Product Manager

Steve Tcherchian, CISSP, PCI-ISA, PCIP is the CISO and SecurityOne Product Manager for XYPRO Technology. Steve is on the ISSA CISO Advisory Board and a member of the ANSI X9 Security Standards Committee. With almost 20 years in the cybersecurity field, Steve is responsible for XYPRO’s new security product line as well as overseeing XYPRO’s risk, compliance, infrastructure and product security to ensure the best security experience to customers in the Mission-Critical computing marketplace.

New Brunswick Room


Practical Use Cases of Integrating NonStop with REST and Other Web Services

Vendor: Transaction Innovation Corp

Integrating NonStop applications with external Web Services is gaining in importance as more and more Enterprises implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). REST APIs are fast becoming the defacto standard in many web service implementations, from Internet providers such as Amazon and Google to internal enterprise applications developed in .NET or Java.

In this session, we will present practical use cases of how NonStop applications can benefit from interfacing with external REST services. We will introduce WebAxcess Thunder from TIC Software and Canam Software, the flexible toolset that enables NonStop applications to consume external REST services easily.

Speakers:Phil Ly and John Russell

Phil Ly is the president and founder of TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including SOA,Prior to founding TICSoftware in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computers in technical support and software development, and previously for Wang and Northern Telecom.

John Russell joined Canam Software Labs in 1998 as a member of their consulting services team. He has worked on software projects as architect, developer, support analyst and project manager. In 2007, he took on the role of Product Manager and is responsible for Canam Software’s suite of products including XML Thunder for NonStop.

Nova Scotia Room


Leveraging the New Paradigm in Testing to Increase Revenue

Vendor: Ascert

In the days of yesteryear, software testing had often been begrudgingly viewed as a necessary expense. It was usually a separate line item that didn’t even get near production planning or budgeting. But, because of the significant advances in testing technologies, that practice and thinking are now antiquated.

The new paradigm for testing is that it is not a separate activity from the production cycle, but part of it. Checking for bugs in the code is still important, but that is now is only a small component of what testing professionals do today.

Comprehensive testing is critical to ensure optimal productive efficiency, protection from bad actors, insurance against loss of the brand or customer due to glitches in the system, and a means to move product to market faster thus increasing revenue opportunities for the business enterprise. And, a testing practice that can help the enterprise make more money and do it faster, is absolutely a critical component in the production machine!

Rich Greene from Ascert will lead you on a historical tour covering the decades of software testing. He’ll provide a brief summary of pivotal movements in the profession and demonstrate how testing has become integrated with the production system; resulting in improved productivity and increased revenues. Even if you’re not a testing professional, your awareness of the positive impact that technology continues to have on the business enterprise will grow, and you will surely find parallels to your own field of specialization.

Speaker:Richard Greene, Ascert

Rich has 25+ years of experience as a sales executive, author, and human potential expert. He’s a 4-time Ironman triathlete and ultra-distance open water swimmer. In 2017, he’ll be attempting to set the record as the first person to complete a 22 mile cold water swim from San Clemente Island to Santa Catalina Island. Rich uses his passion for personal achievement and competition to help others realize peak performance in their personal and professional lives.

As a Sales Director at Ascert, Rich draws upon his passion for excellence in performance to help companies realize their highest levels of efficiency and business potential. Using the industry’s leading testing technology and best practices from Ascert, his customers are able to achieve unprecedented levels of testing productivity and performance in their organizations.


Sessions 1:50 – 2:35

Pacific Room


Integrating NonStop with Modern Devices

Vendor: NuWave

Learn how to use REST APIs to integrate your NonStop systems with modern devices like tablets, cell phones, smart watches, and other modern devices. Your NonStop can do a lot more than you think. Give your company a competitive edge by allowing your customers to access their account or place an order from any device. Or use services provided by partners or other departments to check inventory or track a shipment.

Speaker:Gabrielle Guerrera, NuWave Inc.

Gabrielle has a background in marketing, sales, and business development in the NonStop space. She has a BS in business administration from Boston University, is an MBA candidate at Babson College, and is the CEO of NuWave Technologies. NuWave specializes in middleware for HPE NonStop that is easy to use, affordable, and well-supported.

New Brunswick Room


Prognosis for HP NonStop including financial transaction insight and cognitive analytics

Vendor: Integrated Research

IR's Prognosis solution collects comprehensive information directly from the NonStop server and provides real-time visibility into the ongoing performance of your environment. The session will cover centralized visibility, thresholding and alert notification of critical items including CPU, memory, disk, NSK and OSS processes, Spooler systems, communications lines, attached sub-devices, batch-processing environment and TMF / RDF subsystems. This session will also include transaction insight (transactions by BIN, issuer, acquirer, timeouts, etc) and cognitive analytics to ensure your business is functioning at an optimal level.

Speaker:Kevin Johnson, Integrated Research Inc.

For 3 out of the last 20 years in the IT space, Kevin has focused on bringing visibility to banks, merchants and processors who run payments switches across many different platforms including HP-NonStop. Previously, Kevin was the director of professional services at IR-Prognosis.

Nova Scotia Room


Improving Uptime and Eliminating Risk for Disruptive Migrations with HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Technology

Vendor: Gravic

Application, database, or system upgrades in conventional IT environments are expensive and can lead to extensive downtime. For standalone systems, the environment must be taken down, upgraded, and returned to service during a maintenance window. Upgrading may be complex or take a long time, and an unsuccessful upgrade could prevent the application from being returned to service in the required time. Even if a backup system is available and used for the upgrade, it is necessary to switch operations from the primary system to the newly upgraded system within the maintenance window. Switching over to the upgraded system could be lengthy, causing both systems to be down, and the switchover could also fail, ultimately causing both systems to malfunction. This presentation demonstrates how customers are leveraging HPE Shadowbase solutions to perform zero downtime migrations, to safely eliminate planned downtime with no loss of business services for otherwise risky and disruptive application, database, and operating system upgrades. Several use case scenarios will be reviewed for both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations.

Speaker:Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President

Mr. Holenstein has direct responsibility for the Gravic, Inc. Shadowbase Products Group and is a Senior Fellow at Gravic Labs, the company’s intellectual property group. He has previously held various positions in technology consulting companies, from software engineer through technical management to business development, beginning his career as a Tandem (HPE NonStop) developer in 1980. His technical areas of expertise include high availability designs and architectures, data replication technologies, heterogeneous application and data integration, and communications and performance analysis. Mr. Holenstein holds many patents in the field of data replication and synchronization, writes extensively on high and continuous availability topics, and co-authored Breaking the Availability Barrier, a three-volume book series. He received his BSCE from Bucknell University, a MSCS from Villanova University, and is an HPE Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE).

Ontario Room


Integrating Tokenization With Your Existing NonStop Applications

Vendor: comForte

We will explain how we have integrated tokenization and encryption into existing applications with no changes to the database or the existing application software. Transparent integration can save time and money and provide end to end security.

Speaker:Stephen Tuska, comForte

Stephen is a Senior Solution Architect for comForte and a long time Nonstop system specialist. In his current position Stephen focuses on tokenization and implementing security solutions for Nonstop clients in North America.


Sessions 2:50 – 3:35

Pacific Room

Modern Operation and Performance

Vendor: Idelji

This presentation will cover all the latest enhancements to the HPE Operation Bundle including Web ViewPoint Plus, as well as cover in-house and cloud performance management options currently offered by HPE.

Speaker:Khody Khodayari, President, Idelji

First exposed to NonStop at his first job out of college at CitiBank, and later founding Idelji, Khody has been a fixture in the NonStop world for many years. He is passionate about bringing the latest technological advances into the NonStop spectrum.

New Brunswick Room


Automated Expert Security Hardening for Safeguard and OSS

Vendor: Computer Security Products

CSP will present an update on Protect-X: our state of the art security hardening tool for NonStop X and Linux systems. Accessed via a secure HTML5 web browser, Protect-X offers automated security hardening with change approval controls and internal audit. Built in conjunction with CSP-Wiki, our free security hardening database, Protect-X provides a solution for effectively managing the ever-evolving security hardening requirements of a system in order to reduce its vulnerability to internal and external attacks.

Speaker:Callum Barclay

As the original founder of CSP in 1987, Callum Barclay leads the technical direction of the company from its headquarters outside Toronto, Canada. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Callum is now heavily involved in bringing pioneering security and compliance solutions to HP NonStop customers.

Nova Scotia Room


The OmniPayments Preauthorization Engine – Our Customers Call It the Fraud Blocker!

Vendor: OmniPayments

The OmniPayments preauthorization engine is modern, easy to manage, and is used by financial institutions in conjunction with the OmniPayments Financial Transaction Switch or as a seamless interface to other providers’ switches. It preauthorizes millions of transactions far more effectively than its complex, compute-intensive competitors. No wonder OmniPayments’ customers call it the fraud blocker!

Speaker:Jessica Nieves, Vice President Client Services

Jessica Nieves has over fifteen years of experience in the transaction-processing industry. She began her career at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR), moved next to EVERTEC, and now leads OmniPayments’ Client Services and Operations.

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